The Carbon Tax Workshop is developing articles, media, and approaches to help mobilize public ambition for federal climate

Evaluation Metric

Following is a metric that CarbonTax Workshop uses to evaluate (on a 1-10 scale) its own, and other, approaches for mobilizing public ambition.

  • Effectively communicates the definition and rationale of a carbon tax in a positive, optimistic, and convincing manner
  • Power to mobilize an individual citizen to either, (1) advocate a carbon tax to one member of congress, (2) cast a vote to replace a Congressional carbon denier, or (3) mobilize an additional individual
  • Ability  to reach a large number of individuals

Workshop Director

T. Todd Elvins is a climate activist, carbon tax advocate, and cleantech executive. He has teamed with over a dozen earth, ocean, and space scientists at the University of California San Diego Supercomputer Center, has authored or co-authored a dozen journal papers, spoken at many international conferences, and is an inventor on two patents. Elvins lives in north San Diego, California, where he works with renewable energy and sustainability businesses and surfs with the dawn patrol. He holds a PhD from UCSD.


Please send comments, questions, suggestions, and contributions to telvins ( a t ) g m a i l  dot com


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