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Message Congress from Your Phone

Three Ways to Send a Climate Message to Congress from Your Phone

18 September 2014
Author: T. Todd Elvins
copyright (c) 2014 T. Todd Elvins

“Congress” app for android

1.  Install the free Android Congress app or the iPhone Congress app


2.  Post on their Facebook page.  Go to your House of Representatives Facebook page or your Senators’ Facebook page.


3.  Open a web browser on your phone and follow these instructions to send a message in a webform

  • Click here and enter your zip code to get a list of your congressional representatives
  • Click the ‘name’ of one of your congress persons
  • Click on their “Contact webform” (upper right corner) and compose a message that hits these four points
    Honorable _______

    • I live in your district
    • Companies should not be allowed to pollute the air for free.
    • Global warming is a problem.
    • I strongly encourage you to support a fee on carbon pollution with 100% of proceeds returned to taxpayers.